Lerwick, Shetland, 19 July 1883

James Robertson, Happy Hansel
Thomas Ewanson, Papa Stour
William Hutcheson, crofter & fisherman, Whalsay
Walter Williamson, crofter & fisherman, Burra Isle
Edward Arthur, crofter & fisherman, Whalsay
Thomas Henderson, crofter & fisherman, Whalsay
James Polson, crofter & fisherman, Whalsay
Rev George Clark, minister, Free Church, Coningsburgh
Charles Rampini, sheriff-substitute, Lerwick
Magnus Tait, crofter, Houseleter, Tingwall
James Garriock, Reawick
Rev George Clark, minister, Free Church, Coningsburgh
Thomas Henderson, crofter, Olnafirth, Delting
John Bruce younger, Sumburgh
Walter Sutherland, crofter, Nesting
Laurence Halcrow, crofter & fisherman, North Connigsburgh
Alexander Macgregor, solicitor, Lerwick
John Spence, teacher and inspector of poor, Nesting
Gideon Sinclair, crofter, Torrarait, assisted by William Sinclair, Torrarait

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