Lerwick, Shetland, 19 July 1883 - Alexander Macgregor

ALEXANDER MACGREGOR, Solicitor, Lerwick (31)—examined.

22515. The Chairman.
—Do you wish to make any statement?
—As I have already stated, I am agent in the county for Lady Nicolson, and it occurs to me to make one or two remarks, following those which have been made by her tenant, Laurence Halcrow. The scathold is at present being divided, and all through the process and division Lady Nicolson has instructed me to meet and consult with her tenants, and their convenience, and to protect their rights. The statement was made by Halcrow, that Lady Nicolson would do nothing unless she were forced, and I think it is only just to her Ladyship to mention this. The Rev. Mr Clark has stated that the tenants all consider me as the medium between them and Lady Nicolson. If so, I have received no complaint or request from any of the tenants yet; and, remembering this, it seems unjust to her Ladyship that such a remark should be made. If they have considered me as their medium, it is unjust of them to come here and make complaints without having given her Ladyship an opportunity of doing what they wish. I make this statement voluntarily, as I consider it expedient and necessary in the circumstances.

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