Lerwick, Shetland, 19 July 1883 - Rev George Clark

Rev. GEORGE CLARK, Free Church Minister, South Connigsburgh, recalled—examined.

22397. The Chairman.
—I understand you wish to make an explanation?
—Mr Bruce thinks an answer of mine was misunderstood. He thinks that in speaking about over-crowding, I was referring chiefly to the Sumburgh estate. I was not, I was referring to all the estates. Mr Bruce's is not the worst; Lady Nicolson's is probably the worst, so far as over-crowding is concerned. Mr Bruce thinks you did not understand me.

22398. Who is Lady Nicolson's factor?
—I thought it was Mr Macgregor, but Mr Macgregor says he is not. Mr Macgregor is here, and will.
explain that. He is recognised as her agent at all events.
—[Alexander Macgregor, solicitor, Lerwick]. I am Lady Nicolson's agent, and her factor is Mr Sinclair Pottinger, Grimister.

22399. The Chairman.
—As agent, are you conversant with the condition of the estate?
—No, not at all.
—[Rev. Mr Clark]. Mr Walker, episcopalian minister, says to me she has no factor, only a ground officer.

22400. The Chairman.
—To whom does the ground officer report?
—To herself.

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