Baltasound, Unst, 16 July 1883 - William Spence

WILLIAM SPENCE, Crofter and Fish-Curer, Ballista (60)—examined.
(See Appendix A, LI.)

20474. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie.
—You asked to be examined; what do you wish to state?
—About the grievance I had—the want of scathold and grass in the meadow along with the farm.

20475. From whom do you hold that land?
—Major Cameron.

20476. John Harrison was here to-day; is your complaint the same as his ?

20477. Have you anything to state beyond what he said?
—No; I think it is just the same.

20478. What rent do you pay?
—£4, 10s. 6d., including the poor rates.

20479. How long is it since you lost the scathold?
—Fourteen years.

20480. What did you pay before that?
—I was not in the same farm then; I paid £6 before.

20481. There has been no scathold since you went there?
—No; none since I went to the property.

20482. You took the place with no scathold?

20483. And you would like to get it now?
—Yes, if I could.

20484. Where were you before you came to Ballista?
—I had a farm from the same man at Woodwick.

20185. What made you change?-
— My croft was laid in a sheep farm, and I was warned out of the place.

20486. Were there many people warned besides you?
—One man in the same neighbourhood besides myself. The town was laid in with hill as a sheep farm.

20487. There were only two people in the town?
—No more; sometime before there were three, but only two when I went

20488. You two had the whole of the land ?

20489. And you had pasture there ?

20490. Mr Fraser-Mackintosh.
—You were well off there, were you not ?
—Very well.

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