Baltasound, Unst, 16 July 1883 - Alexander Sandison

ALEXANDER SANDISON, Merchant and Fish-curer, Uyea Sound (56)—examined.

20515. The Chairman.
—Do you wish to make a statement?
—The place the last witness referred to is a large portion of scathold which belongs to Lord Zetland, and the rest to the Homeron property, and Mr Ingram has another portion, and another small tenant has another portion. Lord Zetland is getting no rent, aud Homeron is getting none. If they are paying Mr Ingram, it is he who keeps it. It is a piece of scathold that lies inside of two enclosures, and is occupied by any person who wishes to go in.

20516. Do you say the people pay Mr Ingram for land belonging to Lord Zetland?
—There are four proprietors in it.

20517. But do the three proprietors get a share of what Mr Ingram gets?
—No, I know Lord Zetland does not.

20518. But they graze off their own land ?

20519—20. And Ingram keeps the rent and Lord Zetland gets none?
—He gets a little.
—[Mr White, schoolmaster, Balta Sound]. I think Mr Ingram may get something, but the ground is enclosed with a wire fence, and what he keeps will not more than pay the cost of the fence.

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